1975 Airstream Sovereign

This is a private link I made for just us PAWS folks.

My friend is willing to donate her 1975 Airstream Sovereign to PAWS. It’s not quite as glammed-out as I thought but it IS in good shape, with lots of original parts and amenities. I have another friend who owns a large shop in Westport and is very eager to buff this beast out. He said we could get it shiny in 3 days. The interior issues are aesthetic. In these photos: nevermind the stuff that’s stored inside. Two mechanical issues – one brake is stuck and the step that is supposed to fold out so you can step up into the camper won’t fold out. Neither of these things would be too difficult to repair. I think. Ha! Anyway, there’s a brand new fridge and she just had the air conditioning repaired. It’s got new tires and a current license. She had the sofa reupholstered at Holcomb’s. She’s a seamstress and made the curtains herself. The flooring tile needs to be finished. She said she’s never opened the awning.

Anyway, there’s no need to make a decision right away. I waver back and forth on it. It would be a cool thing to raffle – IF it can be brought up to speed and looking pretty. But, do I / we really want to take on ANOTHER project? Any thoughts? Am I kidding myself? Is it just a behemoth?

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