I’ve spent a good part of my life handtinting photographs with a variety of paints, dyes, pastels, Photoshop etc. (There’s 30 years I won’t get back.) I recently signed up for a youtube channel and posted two handtinting how-to videos. Click here for a link to the first How-to Handtinting with Oils 101. The second video is specifically about tinting photo canvases with Marshal oils. At the end I include a timelapse portion, tinting a large canvas of a dead great white shark – guts and all – for a client to hang in a seafood / espresso shop down at the docks. Click here for that second video.

Here are some samples of photos I’ve colorized by various means:

Click on any image for a larger view:

This isn’t general knowledge, but I used to handtint black and white photos for magazine covers. It was a lot of fun. I recently came across some of the covers and thought I’d share.

Here’s another thing I do. I do restorations.

Well, there you have it. My dog hangs out in the studio and doesn’t seem to mind the smell of oil paints. He’s a good sport.