I decided to become a PAWS of Grays Harbor dog walker. Tuesdays find me driving up to Aberdeen to let the mutts out. It gives me an opportunity to get to know the dogs. It also gives me an opportunity to exercise my Junk Store Cameras. The idea being – I’ll bring one or two vintage cameras with me on my Tuesday adventures. This past Tuesday was my first day.

First up: Jax.

I spent a couple of hours with Jax as he was the only dog there when I arrived. That, and he really needed a break.  In typical beagle fashion, Jax likes to hike up the decibels when he’s ignored. He does pretty well on a leash. I had him running with me and he paid attention and followed my lead.OctBlog01


Jax is a beagle mix who’s looking for a home.



Jax has been at the shelter for a few weeks.

When I got back to the shelter, two more dogs had been brought in.

Next up: Percy. Percy used to be “Bandit” but his name was changed. Bandit just doesn’t suit him. Percy is 100 pounds of pure love. Though Percy is an 8 month old Rottweiler, he believes he is a much smaller, more vulnerable dog. He kept throwing himself at my feet, which wasn’t necessarily convenient as I was attempting to get him to walk up the street. He’s had no leash training and …well… there are just SO many distractions in this world! I got him to move along for a short distance when, “OH JEEZUZGAWD! IT’S A PAPER CUP!” A discarded paper cup at the edge of the sidewalk caused him to jump backwards. I had to coax him past it. Even so, he would crouch and try to go WAY around it, jumping sideways every time the breeze picked up. Once I quit laughing, we got past the deadly thing and moved on up the block. Then … WIND CHIMES! Wind chimes had him floored. By the third time up and down the same block, he was completely over the chimes, and the paper cup was less of a threat each pass we made. OctBlog04



Percy sees a paper cup.

Percy needs a person who doesn’t mind if he knocks over a lamp or footstool every now and then. (Most likely scaring himself in the process.)  He definitely longs to please, and it won’t take long for him to learn leash manners.


He’s a happy boy.





No-name girl.

Next up: Anonymous. A no-name dog. She is perfect. She is a beautiful red cattle dog of some sort. Brought in as a stray, if she isn’t claimed by Saturday I think they plan to name her Carol and put her up for adoption. I voted for Carolynn, but we’ll see.  Let’s call her Carolynn for now.

Carolynn was very well behaved. She’s quiet, she seems to know what you want from her and she minds.


Carolynn says, “Let’s go!”


Her cute tail.


We simply took a little stroll about the ‘hood.

After the dogs were walked, I hung around to watch Percy get his shots and meds. It was entertaining to say the least.


Wormer – in peanut butter.

That was my first day of dog walking.