CyClick was literally years in the making. I had a vision of an embellished bike, replete with cameras, cycling and documenting parades and various other functions. I’m also attempting to beautify the world, one rusty hulk at a time, hopefully bringing about world peace while I’m at it. That’s all. Click here for a YouTube video of my CyClick.

A couple of rusty jalopies went into the base of the bike. The parts were cleaning and overhauled by Three Crows Garage in Westport, WA. I’ll bet I started beading the bike 5 years ago. This bike is completely (almost completely, since it’s kind of done but will never actually be finished) covered in glass beads and vintage rhinestone jewelry. There are camera charms and I’ve also attached many working cameras. The cameras themselves are beaded and embellished.

The project began with this bike, an old Shelby Flyer.

The Shelby Flyer was determined to be beyond restoration. I scavenged some parts from it however.

We never did exactly identify this old bike, but we believe it’s a Schwinn. THIS is the bike whose body was sacrificed to become CyClick.

(You can click on any image for a larger view. Some images require clicking twice.)

Somewhere I have a photo of the bike in a million pieces (well, one hundred anyway) and, of course, I had to stare at that pile and think about it for about a year before I actually dove in.

I had originally beaded the spokes. But I didn’t like it. So I took it all off and instead wired them with silver wire and leaves. Much more fitting – and elegant.

Here she is and YUP, you can ride her!

Click here for a YouTube video of my CyClick.