Marcy Merrill

I started my business in the 1980s.

I guess that’s when I became a photographer (my grandson uses that word “photographist”, which I really like), though I have been photographing things my entire life. Nowadays that doesn’t seem unusual, with everyone having a phone / camera available to them. When I was young, I remember stopping by the drugstore every day on my way home from school to see if my prints had arrived yet. It often took two weeks.

Today, my business includes portraiture, commercial photography, wedding and event photography, exhibit photography, and portfolio development for artists and artisans. I also host both (featured on Gizmodo in 2010) and, as well as keep a photography blog.

One reason I’ve been successful as a wedding photographer is that nothing phases me. I keep my cool in tough situations. I am at home in the studio – but I also like to push the limits and find exciting and interesting areas to change up the backdrop a bit. The emotional response to an image photographed in a well chosen location is what compels me to keep my eyes open to new places. I’m always looking.

I use a variety of equipment. From state-of-the-art to old fashioned plastic. Some of my favorite lenses are 40 years old. They achieve a look that only THEY can. The end result is professional and/or sometimes maybe when the piece requires it,  uniquely quirky.

I save images in an archival manner.

My work is printed on archival paper and the files are saved in the most up-to-date, longest lasting manner possible. Your photos are available online; however, they are also backed up by other means.

Photos are an emotional investment. Over time, this investment gains value – exponentially. People have told me, well after a photo session or wedding, “I’m so glad we did those pictures!” Often, it’s a once in ten years (or whatever) event when everyone is together – a wedding or something like that … or someone has passed away since the event… it’s only later that we realize just how important our photos are.